OkayLah—your Private Sale Portal

OkayLah enables buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords to contact and communicate with each other.

A new way of dealing with property

It’s a new way of doing property. There’s no commission, charges nor contracts. Buyers can contact sellers at the click of a button, and sellers have access to a Private Sale Portal where they can add and manage properties, respond to messages and request support from over 300 property experts.


In 2012 the estate agency sector was deregulated, allowing home owners to sell their property without the need for an estate agent. The government did this to remove red tape, take advantage of technology and reduce costs to both buyers and sellers to encourage growth in the market.

Since 2012 online estate agents like Yopa and Purple Bricks have emerged, but they still charge a fixed fee of between £800 and £1200+, and customers must sign a finance agreement with financial and contractual obligations.

OkayLah is different

There’s no contract and no obligations. You can promote your property how you want and for as long as you want. You can even use it to test the market, if you want to gauge the level of interest in your property.

We choose not to list property on sites like Rightmove. They make their money through estate agents, who make money from you, the home owner. With us you cut out the middleman and keep more of the sale price. Properties listed on OkayLah already come high up on search engine rankings, and we use social media to get your property in front of thousands of potential buyers.

A DIY approach

Why the name “OkayLah”? It’s inspired by the Far East and pronounced Okay Lahhhhhhhhhhh, where it means “it’s all right, everything’s fine, don’t worry”. It sums up a confident, positive approach to doing property yourself. We support you with website and social media exposure. Our site is secure and we strictly protect your personal data.

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