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OkayLah—Your Private Sale Portal is the first Private Sale Portal created for home owners to sell or rent their property without an estate agent

It’s a new way of dealing with property Home owners communicate directly with potential buyers, arrange viewings and receive offers online so speeding up the process and removing the confusion and delays usually associated with estate agents. We give the home owner total control of their largest asset with the support of over 300 property experts to assist you if needed.

Deregulation In 2012 the estate agent sector was deregulated so home owners can sell or rent their property without an estate agent.

Why is OkayLah different? There are no contracts, no finance agreements, no commission and no sale fees. You can advertise your property for as long as you want and when you want, you have total control. Why not test the market for free to gauge the level of interest in your property?

Why the name OkayLah? It’s inspired by the Far East and pronounced Okay Lahhhhhhhhhhh, where it means “it’s all right, everything’s fine, don’t worry”. It sums up a confident, positive approach to taking back control and doing it yourself.

Clean Data OkayLah is a Clean Data Website so we do not sell, rent, donate or share personal data to any third party. You can be assured your personal data will be secure at all times in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented to protect and secure clients personal data.

Why not try us for free? What have you got to lose?

You can upgrade at anytime and we will deliver your own For Sale / To Let Board and you will always have access to over 300 property experts who are here if and when you need them.

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