Most lucrative property postcodes revealed

The latest research by for sale by owner empowerment portal, OkayLah.co.uk, has looked at where across England and Wales is home to the most lucrative property postcodes, based on the amount of property sold there over the last year.

The data shows that despite slower market conditions caused by political and economic uncertainty, over £250bn worth of residential property was sold in the last year.

Most lucrative in England and Wales

The most lucrative postcode? Of course, it’s in London with the capital also home to the largest amount of property sold across all regions, but it’s not in Kensington. SE1 covers parts of Hillingdon, Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth and saw just under £1.3bn worth of property transacted during 2018.

The second highest was also in Wandsworth with SW11 enjoying over £1.1bn worth of property sales.

Kensington does finally place third with £895.1m worth of property sales in the last year in W8.

In fact, despite London bearing most of the Brexit brunt, the top 15 most valuable property postcodes are all located in the capital.

So where else around the country has performed well?

BN3 in the South East, covering Wealden and Brighton and Hove, is home to the most valuable property market postcode outside of London with £554,290,855 worth of property sold in the last year.

Also in the South East and spanning parts of Slough, South Bucks and Windsor and Maidenhead is SL6, the second most valuable property postcode outside of London at £549,531,484.

BN1 and BN2 in Brighton rank third and fourth and BA2 in the South West comes in fifth.

Most valuable in other regions

Outside of London and the South East/West, AL5 is the most lucrative in the East of England while SK9 is the North West’s most valuable. In the East Midlands it’s LE12 while in the West Midlands it’s CV37.  CF14 in Cardiff is the most valuable Welsh postcode, with HG2 in the North East and HU17 in Yorkshire and the Humber completing the most valuable postcodes in each region.

Founder and CEO of OkayLah.co.uk, Paul Telford, commented:

“Despite lower levels of buyer demand and many sellers having to adjust their price expectations over the last year, London is still very much leading the way when it comes to the most valuable pockets of the property market.

That said, while London accounts for the top 15, it’s encouraging to see there are lucrative property postcodes across England and Wales, with many holding their own against the capital.

It also demonstrates that areas where buyers and sellers have ignored any prophecies of property market doom and gloom ahead of a Brexit deal, the world continues to turn, and people continue to buy and sell property.”


Total amount of property transacted by Region
Region Total price of property sold
London £58,046,340,507
South East £50,684,996,399
East £30,049,342,911
South West £26,944,101,290
North West £22,057,101,070
West Midlands £18,914,609,962
East Midlands £17,609,555,869
North East £11,274,552,436
Wales £8,102,473,855
Yorkshire and the Humber £6,731,227,040
Most valuable postcode in England and Wales
Postcode Sum of Price Paid Area Region
SE1 £1,279,026,538 Southwark London
SW11 £1,164,106,852 Wandsworth London
W8 £895,130,425 Kensington and Chelsea London
SW18 £856,496,209 Wandsworth London
SW19 £849,166,229 Merton London
SW6 £844,452,899 Hammersmith and Fulham London
E14 £787,449,663 Tower Hamlets London
NW3 £729,179,023 Camden London
W2 £685,855,786 Westminster London
Most valuable postcode outside of London
Postcode Sum of Price Paid Area Region
BN3 £554,290,855 Brighton and Hove South East
SL6 £549,531,484 South Buckinghamshire South East
BN1 £472,712,960 Brighton and Hove South East
BN2 £462,536,009 Brighton and Hove South East
BA2 £454,678,440 Bath and North East Somerset South West
BS16 £436,242,171 Bristol South West
BH23 £394,315,984 Christchurch South West
AL5 £384,762,107 St Albans East
GL52 £359,603,026 Tewkesbury South West
Most valuable postcode in each region
Postcode Sum of Price Paid Region Area
SE1 £1,279,026,538 London Southwark
BN3 £554,290,855 South East Brighton and Hove
BA2 £454,678,440 South West Bath and North East Somerset
AL5 £384,762,107 East St Albans
SK9 £353,721,811 North West Cheshire East
LE12 £345,731,616 East Midlands Charnwood
CV37 £337,114,178 West Midlands Stratford-on-Avon
CF14 £331,403,192 Wales Cardiff
HG2 £215,367,238 North East Harrogate
HU17 £212,120,529 Yorkshire and the Humber East Riding of Yorkshire



  • Data sourced from the Land Registry