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Looking to find your ideal rental property?

Lah can help you find it…

Rent-it-Yourself Whether you’re leaving home, going to university or moving to a new area for work, if you’re looking for somewhere to live, Lah can guide you through the process of finding the right rental property for you.

Helping you search… enter a few simple details and we will help you find rental properties in your chosen location. When a property becomes available in your area with your specifications, we’ll alert you by email.

Saving you time… OkayLah.co.uk is the first Private Sale Portal in the UK that enables you to rent a property without an agent. So that means you can communicate directly with the owener.

You take control… with Lah you can:

  • Arrange your own viewings
  • Communicate directly with the owner, who knows the property and the local area
  • Avoid admin and agency fees
  • Submit references
  • Complete your tenancy agreement

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